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The Changeover

March 10th, 2010 by Peter

This blog is now running on the wordpress platform instead of silver stripe which was, if I’m quite honest, becoming more pain than it was worth. Hopefully now it will run better and it allows me easier flexibility with sidebar modules and the like. (Though I can’t help but wonder if I should have went with two sidebars for the layout as I don’t have much in there and the sidebar is already quite long.) Perhaps I will scrap the albums du jour section but I do quite like having what you’re reading and listening to on your blog. I may change the layout of the blog section at some point, it depends on whether I have time and whether it will make much difference. It’s also rather nice to have a blogroll again, which I will populate more when I have a little more time.

If anything isn’t running smoothly please let me know and I’ll fix it and/or stare at the screen and have a voluble tantrum.

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